Through Brainflight

Energy – Full Stack Development (10/2022 present)

Client: Energy company

Responsibilities: Currently working on creating an Open Data portal, including architecture, databases, API's, and front-end.

Key technologies: TypeScript, React, Azure

Retail - AWS Data Engineering (09/2021 present)

Client: Large Finnish retail company

Responsibilites: Data Engineer in a team modernizing data warehousing and reporting for client's wholesale division.

Key technologies: Amazon Web Services, Terraform, Snowflake, Agile Data Engine

Banking - Azure Machine Learning Engineering (09/2021 09/2022)

Client: IT Services Provider, Banking R&D

Responsibilities: Worked alongside Data Scientists to structure, scale, and publish Machine Learning solutions

Key technologies: Azure Machine Learning, Python, Databricks, other Azure data technologies – NLP Service Productization (04/2022)

Client: (Finnish startup)

Responsibilities: Worked with Hetki to improve the performance of an NLP API ahead of launching their product

Key technologies: Python, machine learning, API development, Google Cloud

Examples of previous projects

Video retention analytics in AWS (05/2021 - 09/2021)

Client: Yle (Finnish Public Broadcasting)

Responsibilites: I created a solution for Yle’s journalists to analyze the retention of their news video clips. This involved creating relevant Redshift queries, creating an API using Clojure hosted in ECS, and creating visualizations both in Tableau and on a custom dashboard website.

Key technologies: AWS (S3, Redshift, Redshift Spectrum, RDS PostgreSQL), SQL, JavaScript (React, D3.js), Clojure, Tableau

Lead Architect, Azure data platform (06/2019 - 05/2021)

Client: Public education administration

Responsibilites: I led the design and building of a data platform for improving education for students, teachers and administration. Main contributions:

  • Designed the architecture from the ground-up

  • Created the project’s Terraform structure and set up most resources

  • Created event-driven data pipelines with for example Databricks, Azure Event Grid. and Azure Functions.

  • Collaborated with multiple other project streams for a smooth data flow from source systems to end-user systems.

Key technologies: Azure, Databricks, Data Lake Storage, Terraform, Azure SQL Database, Kubernetes

DevOps Architect (2018 - 2019)

Client: Helsinki public transportation company

Responsibilites: I worked in a variety of DevOps initiatives:

  • Kubernetes architecture design for replacing another container orchestrator

  • Azure infrastructure setup and support for a travel-time analytics solution

  • Improving client’s Ansible-based project setup automation, for example added support for Key Vault and Azure Database for PostgreSQL

Key technologies: Azure, Ansible, Linux, Kubernetes, GitLab

Production-ready customer analytics (2018 - 2019)

Client: Retail company

Responsibilites: I was brought on when the client wanted to push a proof-of-concept solution to production. I worked with the original project team to define the production Azure infrastructure and define robust development practices. I also created the data pipelines required for updating the PowerBI visualizations.

Key technologies: Azure, Databricks, Data Factory, Azure SQL Database, PowerBI

Data business consultant (2018)

Client: Large Finnish bank

Responsibilites: I worked in multiple data product development initiatives:

  • Productizing open data API’s

  • Data product development in collaboration with a major retail company

  • Data strategy definition

Keywords: API strategy, open banking, data product management

Data team lead and architect (2017 - 2018)

Client: Large Finnish bank

Responsibilites: I led the project work of a team of data engineers, architects and backend developers numbering 11 people at most. I worked with the client-side representatives to define the backlog, then led the architecture design together with the delivery team.

Key technologies: Azure, Data Lake Store, HDInsight, CosmosDB, various databases